Reprint Restrictions

Text and Data

The information posted on the Saferparks website may be freely reproduced and distributed in any quantity under the following conditions:

  • Use of material from this website must be consistent with the Saferparks mission: to help prevent amusement ride accidents through research, information sharing, and effective public safety policy.
  • The materials may not be used or reproduced for purposes unrelated to safety.
  • The materials may not be substantially altered or misused for malicious purpose.

Photos and Images

  • Many of the photos used on the Saferparks site are copyrighted by others. Reprint authorization must be obtained from the copyright owner. If you want to know who owns the copyright on a specfic photo, send us an email with a description of the photo and a link to the web page on which the photo is displayed.
  • The cartoons from the Kids Club section and web graphics obviously custom made for the site are the property of Saferparks and may be used freely within the guidelines listed for Text and Data. Other graphics that appear on the website could be copyrighted by other individuals and, therefore, should not be reproduced without permission.